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Unfortunately, pets are not entirely immune to allergies. If you notice bumps or rashes on your pet’s skin or show signs of digestive problems, then he may be having an allergic reaction to what he ate or came in contact with something in his environment. The following are answers to commonly asked questions about pet allergies that explain more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment.


What Are Some Common Signs of Pet Allergies?

Pet allergy symptoms may vary, depending on what your animal is allergic to. Signs of seasonal and flea allergies may show up on your pet’s skin in the form of rashes, red bumps, scaly skin, hair loss, or infections. You may notice your animal scratching or biting his skin much more than usual. Excess scratching can easily lead to bleeding and infections. Other symptoms of allergies may include wheezing, frequent coughing or sneezing, nasal discharge, vomiting, or diarrhea.

If your pet is suffering from these or other health issues, contact our Orem vet from Pet Medical Services right away. We’ll test your animal for allergies so he can get the treatment he needs.

What Can Trigger Allergies in Pets?

Your dog or cat’s allergy can be triggered by fleas, food, or indoor or outdoor allergens. Your pet may be allergic to certain types of food or specific ingredients in food. He could also be allergic to chemicals in pet products or household cleaning products. If your animal suffers from seasonal allergies, pollen, mold, or certain types of grasses and plants, an allergic reaction can occur.

How Are Pet Allergies Diagnosed?

Our Orem vet will examine your pet, review his medical history, and take note of his symptoms to determine if your pet could be suffering from allergies. We may then conduct skin and blood tests to confirm our diagnosis and isolate the allergen that’s triggering his symptoms. In the case of food allergies, we may need to put your pet on a special elimination diet to identify the ingredients that are causing digestive issues.

How Are Pet Allergies Treated?

Most pet allergies can be managed or eliminated by keeping your dog or cat away from the allergen that’s triggering his symptoms. Flea allergies can be easily treated by ridding your pet of fleas. If your pet is allergic to chemicals in pet or household products, you can change your brand to more eco-friendly products.

Seasonal allergies can often be managed through medications so your pet can enjoy his outside time year-round. Changes in your pet’s diet can alleviate aggravating food allergy symptoms.

See Our Orem Vet for Pet Allergy Treatment

Don’t let allergies hinder your pet from living a healthy and happy life. Contact Pet Medical Services in Orem at 385-375-2000 today for diagnosis and treatment of allergies.     

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