Pet Dental Care

How often do you look in your pet's mouth? They need routine dental care just like their humans do so that they don't have a painful bite, trouble eating, or other problems that occur from dental disease and damage. At Pet Medical Services in Orem, our veterinary team is ready to keep your pet's teeth looking and feeling great. 


Keeping Your Pets' Teeth in Tip-Top Shape 

Toothaches are painful and no one wants to go through them - including your pet! Problems with their teeth can lead to a lot of symptoms, including general discomfort, acute pain, and serious infections of the underlying bone. A combination of routine dental care and regular dental cleanings are necessary to keep those teeth in tip-top shape. 

What to Look for With Dental Problems

Some pets don't make it easy to look into their mouths, but you have a few signs that you can look for that indicate their teeth might be having a problem. Pawing at the mouth repeatedly is one concerning sign, especially if they don't have anything in their mouth that they're trying to get out of it. You might notice a particularly bad odor when they open their mouth that's not just from stinky pet food. If you pet the sides of the mouth and cheeks, your pet may pull away or show signs of pain and distress. They may favor one side of the mouth while eating or eschew eating entirely. If your furry family member allows you to look inside their mouth, you may see inflammation in the gums, broken teeth, blood, abscesses, or other physical abnormalities. 

What Happens When a Pet Needs Dental Work 

The first step is determining how extensive the dental problem is. In some cases, such as a broken tooth, a veterinarian can simply remove the impacted tooth and your pet can get back to enjoying themselves. In other cases, you could be dealing with persistent gum infections and other serious dental issues. Antibiotics may be required to address any ongoing infections, and multiple teeth may need to be removed. For some conditions, your pet may need to have all of their teeth removed to get relief. 

If you think your pet needs some help so they can have a happy smile again, contact us at Pet Medical Services in Orem to schedule your pet dentistry appointment today. 

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