Exotic Animal Care

Exotic pets are rapidly becoming popular among pet owners. Exotic pets range from reptiles (lizards, snakes) to birds, to rodents. Like traditional pets, exotics need a healthy diet, the right environment, and quality veterinary care to stay in good health. At Pet Medical Services in Orem, we have ample experience in exotic animal care. We look forward to helping you keep your exotic healthy and happy over the years.


Exotic Pet Care

Before getting an exotic pet, we suggest you learn as much as you can about its care. Many exotics require specific diets, environments, and stimulation in order to thrive. Here are some basics to consider regarding exotic animal care:  

Environment – Exotic pets will need a safe, clean environment in which to live. Their enclosures should be spacious and secure, enabling them to get the exercise they need without putting themselves in danger. Reptiles need an environment with proper lighting and temperature. Rodents need a regular change of bedding.

Diet – Exotics have specific dietary needs that need to be met in order to maintain optimal health. Our Orem veterinarian can help you meet your exotic’s nutritional needs, including supplements, if necessary.

Behavior/Habits – Exotic pets have habits and behaviors unique to their species that you should become familiar with. Hamsters, for example, are extremely active at night. Most birds scream for attention or out of boredom. Guinea pigs do better when paired together as opposed to being alone.

Stimulation – Exotics need mental and physical stimulation daily to live happy lives. A caged pet will appreciate having equipment to play on such as exercise wheels or climbing platforms. You should also set aside time to interact with your exotic on a daily basis so that he feels wanted and loved.

Veterinary Care

Routine exotic animal care is essential to your pet’s long term health. We recommend you schedule annual wellness exams for your pet, so we can monitor his health. Some species may need to see our veterinarian more frequently for specific medical care.

During a wellness exam, we’ll thoroughly inspect your exotic’s health, obtain lab samples for evaluation and perform x-rays, if needed, to diagnose any health issues. Our clinic provides medical, dental, and surgical services for exotic pets.

If your exotic pet shows signs of illness, contact our veterinarian right away. Signs of sickness could include loss of appetite, loose stools, lethargy, unusual bumps or lumps on your pet’s body, discharge from his mouth or nose, and skin problems.

See Our Orem Veterinarian for Exotic Animal Care

For quality veterinary services for your exotic pet, contact Pet Medical Services in Orem at 385-375-2000.

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