Flea and Tick FAQs

Unfortunately, both fleas and ticks transmit diseases and bring about health problems in pets. It is essential that you get your pet to an animal hospital to see a vet if he or she is showing symptoms of fleas or ticks. We have treated many animals here at Pet Medical Services and look forward to treating yours as well.


Where are the fleas and ticks coming from?

Fleas and ticks strive in warmer weather and can also survive in certain humidity levels. Sometimes they prefer the shade. You can find them underneath doghouses, shrubs, tall grasses, and other areas within your garden or yard. Animals pass fleas easily to one another, making it very possible to travel into your house.

Are they just an issue in the summer months?

Fleas and ticks grow in milder environments. However, that environment can also be your home. For example, North Carolina generally has milder winters making it easier for ticks and fleas to survive there.

Can blood loss be dangerous to my pet from the bites?

In more severe cases, an infestation of fleas and ticks can result in fatal anemia or create other severe issues resulting from an extreme loss of blood in chronically ill or younger pets.

What causes the bites to itch?

Since fleas and tick saliva contain a substance that many animals are allergic to, this can cause an allergic dermatitis reaction that includes bumps or itchy sores. Bacteria can grow and cause an infection within these bumps or sores in pets that lick or chew them.

What are some other medical conditions that fleas cause?

Fleas have a reputation for spreading and causing other health conditions. They can also transmit tapeworms, cat scratch disease, haemobartenellosis, and other health issues.

What are some other diseases that are transmitted by ticks?

Like fleas, ticks also can transmit a variety of diseases that can be very serious. These include ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, and anaplasmosis, also known as dog tick fever.

Are there ways I can reduce the population of them around my home?

On a regular basis, you should make sure to vacuum your home. Be sure to throw away the vacuum bag after each use. It may also be beneficial to trim your lawn short, making it much difficult for fleas and ticks to lurk outdoors.

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Of course, a veterinarian is always here to help treat your pet’s fleas and ticks. If you are in or around the Orem, UT area, give us a call here at Pet Medical Services to schedule an appointment.

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