Flea and Tick Prevention

If you own pets, your pet and your home are at risk for fleas and ticks. Your pet has a chance of coming into contact with fleas and ticks whenever they go outside. A flea infestation or a tick bite can happen quickly. To prevent this problem, you must stay consistent with your flea and tick prevention. At Pet Medical Services in Orem, UT, we know you need the best information to make the best choices. Keep reading to learn more about flea and tick prevention.


Importance of Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks can affect the health of your pets as well as that of you and your family members.

Flea Infestations: You will never deal with just one flea. Fleas cause infestations that can gravely affect the health of your pet and your family. Getting a flea infestation solved can also be very expensive. Fleas may infest your pet, your home, and even your car. Flea bites lead to a variety of health complications, especially if your pet is allergic to flea bites.

Tick Related Diseases: Ticks carry a host of diseases including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever which can be deadly. Tick bites may also infect your pet with Lyme Disease, which is a life-threatening medical condition.

Preventative Treatment

There are many proven methods for flea treatment and tick prevention. Options include medications, spot treatments, sprays, and baths. The most effective method of flea and tick prevention differs from pet to pet. Our veterinarian will assess your pet to determine which preventative measures will be most effective. Flea and tick treatment vary based on a pet’s breed, age, and size. Our veterinarian will be able to determine which method will work best for your family and your pets.

Once you have established a flea and tick prevention routine, the most important thing to do is stay consistent. Consistency is key when it comes to flea and tick prevention. If you allow your treatments to lapse, your pet will be once again vulnerable to flea and tick bites.

Veterinary Care in Orem

For more information on flea treatment, tick prevention, or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call Pet Medical Services at (385) 375-2000.

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