Understanding Pet Hospice


The concept of pet hospice has been an extension of the same idea applied in medicine for humans. It is, fundamentally, an approach centered on providing comfort for an animal and reducing the level of pain experienced from illness before the animal passes away. The protocol is specific for animals that are either terminally ill from a disease, or those reaching the end of their geriatric phase and the end of their time naturally. In both of these cases, a pet hospice approach is recommended until the animal dies or euthanasia is applied.

At Pet Medical Services in Orem, we understand that most pet owners are not ready to put their animal down the first time they are notified of a terminal condition. They hope and try for alternatives because their pet is far more than just an animal; the pet is a part of the family. Many pet owners go through four stages of the end for their pets: shock, denial, anger, and acceptance. In many situations, hospice is as much a process of transition to acceptance of a pet’s reality as it is making things comfortable for an ailing animal.

Hospice Gives Pets and Owners More Valuable Time

Fortunately, pet owners are not alone. Veterinary-based hospice care for pets provides a caring, empathetic approach for both owners and their pets to make an animal’s last days easier and less painful. Veterinary hospice provides resources to pet owners to alleviate and manage the pain an animal is going through.

An animal has a will to live; most pets have no interest in rolling over and accepting the end just like humans. The hospice approach helps both the owner and pet adjust to the situation and helps the transition happen easier than the shock of simply being told, “there’s nothing more we can do.”

You Have Friends Close Who Care

The team at Pet Medical Services in Orem understands the bonds that owners have with their pets. Every terminal case needs special individual attention, not just a case number or a file. Pet Medical Services provides caring attention for every pet and owner to make the final phase transition easier when medical help can no longer work effectively. You love your pet, and it loves you too. Make the last days easier for both of you with hospice. Call us today at (385) 375-2000 for more information.

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