Pet Pain Management

Combat Your Pet's Pain with Proper Pain Management

It is difficult to see a pet in pain. Yet often times as pet ages they begin to display signs of this very pain. From aching joints to the struggle to walk, just like humans, pain can greatly reduce the quality of life. However, it doesn't mean you and your pet need to accept this pain for the rest of their lives. There are a number of adjustments you can make to your pet’s daily routine.  With the help of Pet Medical Services, it is possible to work with a veterinarian and help correct as much of the pain as possible. 


Weight Management

First, you need to consider their weight. Excess weight places added pressure on the joints, making it difficult to walk. This can amplify the painful feeling in their joints when they move. So to start, you'll need to look at potentially changing their diet. By helping them slim down just a bit it will do wonders with their pain management. One or two pounds on a dog or cat can be the equivalent of you losing 10 or 15 pounds. Losing that weight can make a huge difference in your pet. 

Joint Supplements

Over time, the cartilage between joints will wear down. This is no different from what you experience in your own joints. Thankfully there are some joint supplements your pet can take that will help with this. Supplements will improve the strength of cartilage around your pet's joints and it can improve lubrication on these areas as well. This way, they will be able to move easier without joints rubbing against each other. Talk to your veterinary professional about specific supplements.

Possible Surgery

In some instances, there are forms of surgery that may help with the pain. Your pet may have developed a growth that is rubbing against joints. The removal of these growths might make it easier for your pet to move.


You might want to consider a kind of pain medication as well. You shouldn't give your pet human pain medication, as there are ingredients in these medicines that are dangerous to pets. However, talk to your vet about possible pain medication options to help control the issue. 

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If your pet is in pain, it can be difficult to watch. But you do have options, so contact the Pet Medical Services team right here in Orem, Utah for help. Give us a call at (801) 785-6737.

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