The Importance of Radiology Services

It is critical for everyone to make sure that they are able to take their pets to a reliable care service when problems arise. It is also important for pet owners to ask about the diagnostic capabilities of the pet hospital, as this makes a big difference in the area of care that a veterinarian can provide. One of the critical areas to ask about is radiology. The team from Pet Medical Services is here to make sure that pets in the Orem area have access to a trained and experienced veterinary team who knows how to use radiology services effectively.


The Importance of Advanced Radiology Tools

There are a number of important reasons why the team at Pet Medical Services has invested in the latest radiology equipment. Some of the uses of radiology tools include:

  • Bones: Radiology equipment typically generates an image based on the density of the material through which it passes. This means that radiology tools are great for identifying bone issues. If a pet has broken a bone, the x-ray machine will find it. This also helps the doctor decide whether or not a pet is going to need surgery.
  • Diagnosis: Radiology tools can also help identify an abnormality when the issue isn't clear. for example, sometimes the doctor might think that a tumor is present but cannot feel it. Then, radiology can be used to look beneath the surface of the skin and can find tumors that might be hiding underneath.
  • Pregnancy: Radiology tools, such as an ultrasound machine, can also be used to track pets who might be pregnant. These tools can be used to make sure that the pregnancy is progressing as expected and can identify any problems that might arise. This makes these tools invaluable in providing pregnancy and prenatal care.

Clearly, it is important for pet healthcare providers to invest in the latest radiology tools. This adds a new layer of care that a vet can provide to his or her patients.

Rely on the Team from Pet Medical Services

These are only a few of the numerous ways that radiology tools can be used in a veterinary setting. Pet owners need to make sure that the hospital they take their pets to have the most advanced capabilities. At Pet Medical Services in Orem, that is exactly what we can provide for our patients. We are here to make sure that every pet that comes through our door is taken care of in a complete manner. We provide care and compassion to all of our patients. To learn more about the services we can provide, please call us today to schedule an appointment. 


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