Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care Improves The Quality Of Life In Animals

Just like how age can affect our mobility and health, pets can also experience the effects of it. Senior pets can develop problems related to age, require a special diet and exercise regimen, and needs an increased amount of veterinary care to maintain good health. At Pet Medical Services in Orem, UT, our veterinarians offer exceptional care for geriatric pets, including treatment and advice to maximize the quality of life of animals.


Problems of Aging in Pets

As the years pass by, you may notice your pet slowing down a bit, with less inclination to romp or play. Older animals may develop pain and stiffness in joints, vision problems, hearing loss, and gastrointestinal problems. Also, they are at risk for heart disease, kidney problems, and cancer.

Possible Symptoms a Geriatric Animal May Experience

Older pets may show reluctance to exercise or may groan when getting up from a lying down position. They may be subject to digestive upsets like diarrhea and constipation. Some pets require nutritional support to maintain a healthy weight. They can also develop dementia in the later years, with personality or behavioral changes. If vision is affected, pets can bump into objects in their environment.

Your Vet Can Advise You on the Best Senior Pet Care for Your Animal

Regular visits to the vet can help detect signs of health issues when they are still in the early stages. Your veterinarian will give your pet a thorough examination, checking the joints, coat, ears, and eyes. If further examination is needed, your vet will order a urinalysis, blood test, or another test to find the underlying reason for your pet’s condition. Depending on your animal’s condition and the severity of it, medications, surgery, or therapies may be recommended to help your pet live healthier.

Our Veterinarians in Orem Is Here To Help

Dr. Hansen, Dr. Brockenstedt, and the rest of the team at Pet Medical Services are committed to providing quality veterinary care to their patients in Orem, UT, and nearby communities. We offer many pet services, including examinations, vaccinations, pet surgery, diagnostics, and pain management.

Call Pet Medical Services today at 801-785-6737 to schedule an appointment or to learn about our services that can help your senior pet lead a longer, more active life.

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